– Recent Projects –


Here are some of the pieces I've

been working on.


Creams Pout

What Is 'Masculinity'?

Creams Cafe Snapchat Management

Satirical Charity Campaign to encourage submission of UGC.

One of many consumer-insight videos to help brands resonate with consumers.

Content planning, creation and analysis of daily content for Creams Cafe Snapchat account.

Overview Animated Adverts

Creams Cafe Social Content Creation

MUBI Quotes

Large selection of illustrated social media adverts to boost app downloads.

Creation of video content for instore & social media to promote new menu items & announcements.

Cross-platform campaign consisting of humorously parodied misquotes.

Twix Vote

CREATE for Tate

Guinness World Records Social Banners

Satirical self-initiated project to raise awareness of Twix during the 2016 US Presidential Election.

Virtual Reality application to allow people to draw and sculpt over art - bridging the gap between artists and historical art.

Variety of branded banners for use on GWR social platforms.

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